Kaimanawa Heritage Horses (KHH) is a non-profit charitable society dedicated to the welfare of Kaimanawa horses in both the wild and domestic environments.  The Kaimanawa horse is a unique and historically important link to New Zealand’s recent past.  Identified as a breed with distinct and unique characteristics, the Kaimanawa horse has proved to be a great all round riding pony.

Every two years around one hundred and forty wild Kaimanawa horses are culled from New Zealand Army land in the Kaimanawa Ranges.  The KHH’s goal is to home as many of those culled as possible to prevent them being slaughtered.  Through advertising for suitable homes, undertaking home checks and following up on new owners the KHH ensures the welfare of these captured horses remains a priority.

If you own a Kaimanawa horse, or are interested in Kaimanawa horses and want to learn more about them, then this site has a stable of useful bits of information for you.  For those who want to help preserve this wonderful breed but are unable to do so through ownership then please take a look at our membership page to view different financial support options.

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