Tiki Tane

Ten days before the Kaimanawa Annual Show I received a phone call to say that Tiki Tane was stuck in a gate and the vet was on her way! It took 40 minutes to release Tane from the gate. During this time he remained calm and totally trusting of those trying to help him.

May this be a reminder to always have bolt cutters on hand when owning horses!

The vet sedated him so she could get a close look at his injuries and decided to  bandage his leg. Tane freaked out about the bandage attached to him and had to be sedated again to have it taken off!

Tiki Tane lost confidence and became over reactive and noise sensitive again. Amazingly! Remarkably!! Luckily!!! Tane’s injuries were fairly superficial and after a few days of hosing, bute and antibiotics he was looking pretty good … well apart from a few scabs and some missing hair.

Inhand Champions. Tiki is on the right
Inhand Champions. Tiki is on the right - not wearing the sash.

I decided to take him to the show as I felt the new experience would help him regain some of his lost confidence. I was impressed with how hard Tane tried with everything that was asked of him. Especially the trotting out as we hadn’t practised this much at home. He would panic a bit when I ran beside him, turning a bend while trotting was difficult for him, not to mention the shock and horror if my hat blew off.

Tiki Tane won some ribbons … he won a Reserve Champion! But he wasn’t quite up to wearing them around his neck. Maybe next time!

I would like to thank the judge for understanding Tane and his past. Also the many people who made the time to come and pat him.

Tiki Tane went home very tired but mighty pleased with himself.

Please remember the importance of bolt cutters!!


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