To Be Clear: The Muster is Every Two Years

With the muster coming up, there is more and more in the media about it. If you are not familiar with the history, you could be forgiven for being confused about how often the muster takes place now.

Biennial and biannual are amongst those confusing words in the English language, up there with affect and effect.

I’ll let our trusty Collins dictionary explain:

biannual vs biennial
biannual means twice a year
biennial means every two years

So, to be clear, the Muster happens biennially – every two years.

This is a trial by DoC now that the numbers of horses in the ranges are down in the three hundreds. It is also the reason why we are expecting a muster of 170+ horses.

Importantly, if you are wanting a horse from a muster, act now! There won’t be another one  until 2014. We would hate for the confusion to mean that you have missed out.

Please excuse us when we, and the press, slip up on our English.

I think I will try to use both words in my conversations today. 🙂

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