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PO Box 133 Patumahoe 2344

For information regarding the 2016 Kaimanawa Challenges please click here. Further information will be announce in the coming weeks.

The 2016 Muster is on it’s way, and the Kaimanawas need your help

The 2016 muster will be undertaken by the Department of Conservation around the end of April. The exact days will depend on the weather. An aerial count will be made in April to determine the final number of horses that need to be removed (to bring their numbers back to 300), and the areas that horses will be removed from. Earlier counts suggest that up to 200 horses will be mustered.

Whole family bands are removed from the selected areas. No horses are released from the muster yards. Those that are brought in leave on trucks, either to a new home or slaughter.

HorseMusterBrochure Read more about the muster

You Can help the Kaimanawas

There are many ways you can help the Kaimanawas. You can even help if you can’t buy a horse. Read on to learn what you can do…


I’m not sure I’m ready for a Wild Horse

Getting a Wild horse is a big decision. You may have many years of experience riding, competing, and handling unbroken horses, but you are correct in thinking a wild horse could present many new challenges.

Purchasing a wild Kaimanawa from a muster is not as daunting as you may think. If you have a strong sense of commitment and a desire to succeed then there are options available even if you do not have the facilities or experience with wild horses. We have pre-approved handlers which you can read about here.

No matter which option you choose, it is important to be realistic about your ability to handle a wild horse…. Much will depend on the age of the horse you choose to apply for. If this is your first experience with a wild Kaimanawa, we recommend starting with a foal or a yearling, or employing the services of a handler.

Read the muster brochure to see what options are available. Follow the flowchart and see what options fits you best…

Muster Brochure - flowchart r2

What else can you tell me?

  1. Read our interviews with every-day people who have received Wild horses from a muster. Kaimanawa Stories…
  2. Read back-issues of our magazine to see what people are doing with their Kaimanawas. KHH Magazines…
  3. Read the Wild Horses Perspective by Robin Sisley
    Wild Horses Perspective - Part 1 - coverPart 1 – The First Days   Wild Horses Perspective - Part 2 - coverPart 2 – Next Steps


I’m ready to apply

That’s great, you’re on your way for a new rewarding adventure!

Muster Application - cover r2

  1. Download the Muster Application Form.
  2. Read it thoroughly.
  3. Give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions. Our contact details are on the third page.
  4. Fill out the form, pay the deposit, and post it to us.
  5. Applications close on the 1st April.
  6. Property inspections and referee checks will be performed once the deposit has been made.

Early Applications Competition

If you get your application to us early, by the 31st March, you will also go in the draw to win your own A4 portrait by Rachel Henderson Equine Art. Visit her facebook page to see her work, including a number of Kaimanawas you should recognise.Rachel Henderson 5


How else can I help?

We know not everyone is able to take a Wild Horse, but there are plenty of way you can make a big difference to the lives of the Kaimanawas.

As well as finding homes for the Wild Kaimanawas, KHH also cares for Kaimanawas in the domestic environment. We have a number of Kaimanawas with our Welfare Team and associates that are being cared for before they are ready to find new homes. These Kaimanawas are either extra unplaced horses that we took following the last muster, or horses that have been uplifted or given to our Welfare team or associates.

Some of these horses are ready for new homes now, and others will be staying with us for a little longer. Read our For-Sale and Sponsorship flyer and see the horses we are caring for now.

20160206 ForSaleFlyer - cover

  • Sponsor a horse – If you would like to make regular contributions to one of the horses in our care then please contact Michele Haultain . Sponsors of horses in our care will get updates on how they are progressing, and will have opportunities to come and visit them.
  • Make a donation – Every bit helps, and looking after horses in our care is a major expense. We are a registered charity, so donations are tax deductible. Visit our give-a-little page to make a donation today.
  • Become a member – show your support and become a member. Our members receive printed copies of our magazine and can make bookings on our ranges trip before the general public. Become a member today.
  • Shop at our Merchandise Store


And most importantly – Tell everyone you know about the Kaimanawas and how they can help them too.

Please download and print our flyer – and pin it up where horse people will see it

Muster Flyer 2016 - coverDownload the Flyer in Colour
Download in Black and White