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PO Box 133 Patumahoe 2344

Helen & Telford

While not planning on getting another horse, I put my name down for a kaimanawa after reading they were short of homes leading up to the first muster of 2018.
 I already had two horses while also being a mother, part-time small animal veterinarian, and managing a lifestyle property. The truck driver on dropping off my stallion said ‘he’s one of the feisty ones!’. I had no experience with stallions, or wild horses but instantly felt at ease with Telford. He was smaller than I expected and from the start was amazingly calm. My main goal was to try and do everything to ensure my stallion had a good quality of life with minimal stress post being mustered.
Within a few weeks I could easily move him about in normal paddocks, he would follow me anywhere if I had a food bucket and quickly respected fences. While I have yet found the time to break him in a start riding him, Telford has settled well and lives a relaxed lifestyle as part of a small herd in large tree-lined fields. He causes me no trouble, and I adore having him. He’s sound and I am looking forward to doing more with him as he’s still young. I definitely think it’s so important with kaimanawa’s to focus on their quality of life,  doing what you can when you can and slow is good.  I was apprehensive getting a stallion but have no regrets, he’s a great little pony and he definitely deserved a second chance!