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PO Box 133 Patumahoe 2344

Chloe Phillips-Harris

Chloe is a horse trainer, author, and expedition leader from the Bay Of Islands. She’s has competed to 4* level in eventing with sport horses and worked with nearly 100 wild horses from both the Kaimanawa
Ranges and the Far North.
She took her first Kaimanawa stallion, Matai from the 2010 muster and has never looked back. She competed in the first-ever Kaimanawa Stallion challenge with her chestnut gelding Phoenix from the 2014 muster and made it through to the finals at Horse of the Year Show in 2015. In 2018 muster she mentored her two working pupils with the Mufasa and Hero, in the Kaimanawa Freedom to Friendship Challenge at Equidays. Both horses taking home a winners’ rug and titles in the junior and adult division.
Chloe has a passion for wild horses and wild places, her first book Fearless documents riding the world’s
toughest horse race in Mongolia, and since then she has gone on to lead many expeditions on camels, reindeer, and horses in faraway remote places. Including leading the first-ever winter expedition on
camels across the Gobi Desert where the temperature dropped below -40c. She has a few significant stallions from previous musters including Jerry the Geriatric the oldest wild stallion to ever be rehomed and the beautiful Black. Chloe loves working with the wild horses and
watching them change over the course of a few weeks from scared to confident and curious. “The magic of that first interaction with the horses when they suddenly choose to come up and be with you never
gets old”. You can follow her journey and training at The Wild Horse Project on Facebook.
This year she has two stallions in the challenge.
Lone Wolf is a mature bay stallion who is sensitive, curious, and incredibly handsome standing approximately 15hh. Like his name suggests he was a bit of a loner in the ranges and when he first arrived. Initially aggressive with the other horses and quite aloof he has mellowed significantly as he learns about domestic life. Now he calls out every morning for his feed and happily interacts with most people who come to visit him. His best mate is Lion Heart the other stallion and he looks to his friend for guidance and support and actually is a lot happier not being the boss.
Lion Heart- is 14hh liver chestnut he’s handsome, stocky, and the caretaker of all those around him. The database shows he was in a bachelor band in the ranges and he came in with another little colt from the same band. Lion Heart is nurturing and protective of his friends and looks like a cuddly teddy.
However, he’s the boss boy in the new domestic herd, watching out for all those with him including the much bigger Lone Wolf. Any new horse that arrives must meet his approval before being allowed to join the
rest of the group. He’s quiet and stoic, not as curious as Lone Wolf but very smart and trainable.