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PO Box 133 Patumahoe 2344

Morgan Chandler-Bruce

Introducing Long Shot (Sniper), a satellite stallion from Zone 20. 

He was named by the New Zealand Defence Force and his name has two meanings; firstly Zone 20 horses are traditionally named after military themes, since they live in a live firing zone that has restricted access (hence Long Shot, which is a sniper term) and secondly his name refers to the fact this band drifted/scattered apart, over a long distance, when they grazed. 

Long Shot is currently 28 days into his training. He has gone from bolting across the yards when you walked into them to being able to be rubbed down to his tail on both sides of his body and rubbed on his head – this has been a big deal for him as he has a large fear of hands! 

I am thoroughly enjoying this experience, I have learnt a huge amount from the process so far. Long Shot has the most amazing personality, he is very playful and cheeky, always making himself known everytime he is brought into the yards. 

My name is Morgan Chandler-Bruce, I’m 20 and have been riding horses since I was 2.5 years old. Although Long shot is the first stallion I have tamed, he is not my first Kaimanawa. Two years ago I tamed a 3-year-old filly from the 2018 muster under the incredible guidance of Kelly Wilson. Within 10 days we had passed every milestone needed for Plum to travel home with me to continue her transition into domestication. 

When Kelly rang and invited me to join her team as part of the Freedom to Friendship challenge, I was very excited to continue my learning. Working with a mature stallion (and watching the progress of all the other Kaimanawas in training) is even more eye opening and educational than I expected, and I am very much enjoying every moment so far! 

At home I also have my sport horse Rumble, who I compete regularly in a number of disciplines, ranging from Eventing to Showing.