Your friend of a lifetime is waiting

Kaimanawa heritage horses are looking for homes

The 2021 Kaimanawa muster in April will see 200 wild horses in need of a new home, so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. 

Kaimanawa horses are a rare breed, exclusively roaming New Zealand’s Kaimanawa Ranges with no human contact. 
Only 300 normally exist in the wild and ownership is an incredible privilege.

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“He’s cheeky. He’s snuggly. He’s a piggy. He’s not like any other horse I’ve met, which is definitely a theme amongst Kai owners.” 
— Abby

Now is your chance to make a friend of a lifetime.
Applications now open

Kaimanawa horses are a very adaptable breed. 

Once you have their trust, they can be relied on for almost any type of horse activity. Kaimanawas are:

  • Successful competitors at showjumping, eventing, and other competitions.
  • Great quiet and reliable ponies for children 
  • Fantastic paddock mates.
No matter the kind of horsey activity you like doing,
Kaimanawas are the perfect companion.


Now is your chance to make a friend of a lifetime.
Applications now open

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Wild Kaimanawa horses live in a 
delicate balance with nature.

To ensure a sustainable ecosystem the wild herd must remain at approximately 300 horses. 
An annual muster ensures the herd numbers stay consistent and ensures horses are able to live in harmony with their environment.
In 2021 over 200 horses need to be mustered and moved to new homes.

The muster is conducted by the Department of Conservation with oversight by vets and with horse well-being in mind; giving you the opportunity to be part of the life of one of these unique creatures.