Apply Now to Save a Wild Kaimanawa Horse

Applications to take Wild Kaimanawa horses from this years muster are closing on the 30th April.

If you have ever considered taking a horse from the muster, there is still time to save a horse. It is expected that more than 200 horses will be mustered this year, and all those that do not have homes are sent to slaughter.


If you do not have the skills or facilities to do the initial handling of a horse, we may be able to put you in touch with a registered handler who can do this for you. We can also accept tax-deductible donations that will help us take additional horses until permanent homes can be found.

Find out more about applying for a horse here
Apply for a Muster Horse

If you would like to make a donation or become a member
of KHH (you don’t need to have a Kaimanawa)
Membership and Donations

Prices for horses are $250 for the first, and $220 for additional horses. Mare and foal pairs are $400, and $370 for additional pairs.

If you have any more questions about applying for a horse, you can contact us by

Phone: 09-431-6111 or 07-823-6099

We also have the following brochures outlining the muster and application process

Brochure Muster Image 2013

Muster Brochure 2013 Download Horse Musters Brochure

Brochure Muster Image 2013

Muster Brochure 2013 Download Muster Horse Application Brochure

2014 National Show

Entry forms are available now for the 2014 Kaimanawa National Show, taking place as part of the Franklin A&P Show at Pukekohe showgrounds. Please visit the Franklin A&P website for entry forms, and our website for more information.

The 2014 Kaimanawa National Show will be taking place during the Franklin A&P Show at Pukekohe showgrounds on the 15th and 16th February 2014. The Kaimanawa classes will be held on Sunday the 16th February 2014 from 9:00am. For more information visit the event page on our website. We look forward to seeing all your Kaimanawas there.

2014 Kaimanawa National Show

In Hand winners

Merry Christmas from KHH

Kaimanawa Heritage Horses would like to wish all our members, sponsors, and friends a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. With your support there is a future for the Kaimanawa Horses.


Next year the biennial muster will be taking place in late Autumn. If you came on the field trip you will have seen how great the horses are looking; and if you have been following us on facebook you will know how the horses from the last muster have been progressing with their owners.


Now is a great time to start thinking about purchasing a horse from the next muster, and for preparing your property. Check out the brochures describing the process, read the guide for what you need to be able to do, and please contact us if you have any questions.


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all the volunteers at KHH.

2013 Ranges Trip Nearly Full

There are only 3 weeks until the annual ranges trip to see the Kaimanawa horses in the wild. We will be running bus trips on Saturday the 30th November, and Sunday the 1st December 2013.


There are only 5 seats remaining on the Saturday trip, and 25 remaining on the Sunday, so be sure to book and pay for your tickets to avoid missing out. All bookings need to be complete and paid for by Monday the 25th of November. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Ranges Trip Information and Bookings

Magazine Stories

We are looking for stories for the next edition of our magazine, and we would love to hear from you if you have adopted a wild horse in the past and could write about your experiences. It would also be great to hear about Kaimanawas that are out and about, either competing or doing anything else.

KHH Magazine 3 KHH Magazine 2 KHH Magazine 1

With only a couple of editions before the next muster, we want everyone to read real stories about what is involved in taking a horse from the muster and the rewards and achievements you have had while working with them. The more people who know about adopting a wild horse, the more horses we will be able to save at the next muster.

If you would like to write a story for us, please contact us at to talk about your idea and we will let you know what we need.

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