Kaimanawa Wild Horse Welfare Trust becomes Kaimanawa Heritage Horses

Times are changing. The issues being faced by our beautiful Kaimanawa horses are also changing.

With the wild population reduced to 300 and an increasing requirement to help neglected and abandoned Kaimanawa Horses homed from previous years’ musters, our organisation has had to adapt in order to help Kaimanawas in need.  Our focus now includes the rescue, training and re-homing of domestic Kaimanawas as well as homing wild Kaimanawas from the biennial muster.

One thing will never change – our dedication to the welfare of all Kaimanawa horses.    We remain a non-profit organisation run by a strong group of volunteers who are passionate about Kaimanawas.  Promoting the breed as a great riding pony and educating the general public about our historically unique Kaimanawas are also part of what we do.

If you would like to join us in celebrating these great horses, take a look at our new website packed with information and great pictures!


Kaimanawa Heritage Horses (KHH) is a non-profit charitable society dedicated to the welfare of Kaimanawa horses in both the wild and domestic environments.  The Kaimanawa horse is a unique and historically important link to New Zealand’s recent past.  Identified as a breed with distinct and unique characteristics, the Kaimanawa horse has proved to be a great all round riding pony.

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