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2021 Ultramox Freedom to Friendship Stallion Challenge Judge – Obstacle Class

True West Horsemanship – Ben Longwell

Ben Longwell is originally from USA and has been based in New Zealand for the last 11 years, working as a full time horse trainer and clinician. He has started youngsters and worked with all different equine disciplines and breeds teaching better horsemanship & communication, helping build stronger partnerships between horse & rider! Ben has taught a variety of clinics worldwide that are available to suit different skill levels and interests. Participants love Ben’s knowledgeable, positive and quiet approach to teaching them – where leaving egos behind and focusing on the horse results in true progress and a great learning environment. Ben was honoured to be a clinician at Equidays/Equifest for 7 years and be a part of the inaugural Kaimanawa Stallion Challenge where he built a solid partnership with his horse, Viento.

Ben also has an online instructional video library for improving your skills in horsemanship and communication between you and your horse – available from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world! You can check this out with a 7 Day Free Trail on:

Ben and his wife Natalie have just been recruited to leave New Zealand and manage a huge ranch in Montana! Their Mission has always been to help people and their horses better understand one another and achieve together that which they cannot do individually – and they will continue this work. They will be back in NZ in future to see family and teach clinics. Ben’s popular Escorted USA Ranch Tours, where Ben escorts a group of kiwis on a 10 Day Tour to experience life in the west including a week on a working cattle ranch, were put on pause during the last couple of years, but may resume now travel seems to be opening up.…you will now just be visiting Ben & Nat “at home”.