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PO Box 133 Patumahoe 2344

Clara Haines & Storm

Having trained lots of Kaimanawa mares and young fillies & colts, 21 year old Clara has decided to take a leap into stallion training by joining the competition this year with her stallion, Storm.

Clara likes to use positive reinforcement training methods with a big focus of voluntary participation from her horses. She wants them to love being with her as much as she loves being with them.

Storm, who is approximately seven years old, was quite shut down to begin with and tended to withdraw. After giving him some time and space to recover and heal he is now starting to come out of his shell and his confidence is growing slowly. 

They are making friends at the moment with lots of offerings of grass to eat while they hang out together. Although he still finds it a little scary at times, he is now starting to eat out of her hands.