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A new year – a new competition. After deciding that having a ridden stallion challenge put more pressure on the newly mustered horses than we liked, we came up with a new concept and name for what we hope will become an ongoing competition to enable people to showcase their newly mustered horses.

The name “Freedom to Friendship” was chosen as these horses consistently show that they can quickly earn your trust and become a true friend.

The first classes for the stallions (now geldings) were to be all ground based activities so they still had to obey basic commands and trust the judgement of their handlers while doing obstacles in the ring.

2018 Freedom to Friendship video

Friday Events

New Friends Junior Handling and Conditioning class which was proudly sponsored by Bayer Animal Health.

  • First place – Nina Sutherland with Allegiance
  • Second place – Nina Sutherland with Thunderbolt
  • Third place – Lily Sutherland with Admiral
  • Fourth place – Samara Muir with Mufasa
  • Best Overall – Joseph Potter with Grenade

 New Friends Senior Handling and Conditioning 

  • First Place – Brodi Botica with Hero
  • Second Place – Madeleine Flannagan with Feijoa
  • Third Place – Kelly Wilson with Captain
  • Fourth Place – Toni Tanner with My Taimana
  • Best Overall – Kelly Wilson with Captain

Saturday Events

New Friends Freestyle starting with Junior Class – proudly sponsored by Bayer.

  • First Place – Samara Muir with Mufasa
  • Second Place – Lily Sutherland with Admiral
  • Third Place – Joseph Potter with Grenade
  • Fourth Place – Nina Sutherland with Allegiance

Senior New Friends Freestyle – proudly sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim

  • First place – Kelly Wilson with Captain
  • Second place – Brodie Botica with Hero
  • Third place – Madeleine Flannagan with Feijoa
  • Fourth place – Toni Tanner with Mr Taimana

Sunday Events

The Sunday events showcased Kaimanawa’s that were mustered before 2017 and are now under saddle.

Old Friends junior Class Sponsored – proudly sponsored by Bayer

  • First Place – Eleanor Flintoff-Baker with KH Arjay
  • Second Place – Leah Norvall with Bullwinkle
  • Third Place – Pip Cornish with Lunar   
  • Fourth Place – Maddie Pester with Spirit 

Old Friends Senior proudly sponsored by EquiBrew 

  • First Place – Caroline Cornish with Lunar
  • Second Place – Chloe Phillips-Harris with Niko 
  • Third Place – Louisa Andrew with Liberty 

We were thrilled with the quality of the kaimanawa horses presented. Every horse was outstanding and it must have been so hard for our judges. We are looking forward to next year which we hope will be bigger and better.