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PO Box 133 Patumahoe 2344

Sue Rivers (website)

My kaimanawa journey started in 1997 after meeting some kaimanawa’s at the Fieldays. Later that year my first load of five horses arrived and from there, I was well and truly hooked on these remarkable little horses.

Over the years I have taken kaimanawa’s from past auctions, musters and rescue situations and given them the skills they need to be well adjusted domestic horses. Some are still with me after 20 years while others have gone off on new adventures.

My passion has always been connecting horses and children and a lot of my work has been with underprivileged children and troubled youth. I find kids respond well to “wild” horses equally as much as kaimanawas’ respond to children.

After being involved with kaimanawa’s for so many years I am now thankfully in a better position to help contribute to the Kaimanawa Heritage Horses committee and kaimanawa’s in general.