During a committee meeting one winters evening the idea was tabled to sponsor some riders with kaimamawa horses. It was our hope that doing so would help bring attention to the breed and to highlight how successful and versatile the breed can be. We hope to demonstrate that they do have a place within the equestrian community competing in every field.

Criteria for becoming a sponsored rider:

  • Must be out competing in your chosen field – not necessarily at the top level.
  • You must be out having fun with your Kaimanawa.
  • Horse and rider must be registered with Kaimanawa Heritage Horses.

Georgia Bouzaid

Georgia Bouzaid was one of our first sponsored riders. She rides Redcliffs Bill who you may recall was trained by Kate Hewlett for the first stallion challenge that was run.

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Brittany Turner

Brittany Turner is our second sponsored rider and she rides Kaimanawa Queen of Hearts. Together they compete in Competitive Trail Riding (CRT) and doing cowboy challenges.

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Ana Pearce

Ana Pearce is another sponsored rider with her Kaimanawa Mangaone Titoki. Together they compete in a wide range of equestrian events ranging from A&P shows to going hunting over winter.

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