PO Box 133 Patumahoe 2344

Stallion Challenge Zone

Welcome to the KHH Stallion Challenge Competition Area

Thank you for your help with our annual Kaimanawa Stallion Challenges. We appreciate your assistance.

If you need any help please contact the following people:

Leigh Wills – Stallion Challenge Co-Ordinator

Marilyn Jenks – KHH Event Co-ordinator

Sue Rivers – KHH Chairperson & Technical Support


CAT A – Equifest Entries
CAT B – Video Submissions Stage 2 (January 22)
CAT C – Video Submissions Stage 1 (December 21)
CAT D – Obstacle Class Video Submissions Only

Stallion Trainers

Kelly Wilson - CAT B
morgan chandler-bruce - CAT B
tori banta - CAT B
brooke Lawrence - CAT B
chloe phillips-harris - CAT A
Leanne Hackett - CAT A
chloe phillips-harris - CAT A
Heidi Clotworthy - CAT A
Mimi Einfeldt - CAT A
Lisa Earley - CAT A
Ellie Harrison - CAT A
Sharon Klijn - CAT A