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PO Box 133 Patumahoe 2344

We are thrilled to announce Ultra-Mox as the naming right sponsor for our NEW format Freedom to Friendship classes at Equidays: STALLIONS & PROFESSIONALS.

This event ensured 15 mature stallions were saved from slaughter from the 2019 muster and placed with professional trainers that have previous experience taming wild horses, to ensure they have the best start possible to domestic life.

After being selected to compete, trainers were randomly assigned an adult Kaimanawa stallion that had never been touched by humans. Over the past three months, since the muster, the trainers have been building the trust and developing a relationship with their once-wild horses. In just 12 weeks, at Equidays, they will compete in a Handling & Conditioning class, followed by an Obstacle & Freestyle class to showcase their Kaimanawas’ abilities and talents.

In the coming weeks we will be introducing our 15 STALLION & PROFESSIONAL combinations to you, and are excited to share the progress they are making. A huge thank you must go to Ultra-mox, and of course our trainers, for helping give these stallions a second chance at life.

Hover over each picture for a link to the trainer profiles.