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The sixth of our 15 combinations that will be competing in the ULTRA-MOX STALLIONS AND PROFESSIONALS competition at Equidays is ALEX NASH and SIMBA.
Simba is a young stallion, approximately 3 years old.
Alex quickly fell in love with Simba as soon as she saw him and decided to name him after Simba from the Lion King because of his big fluffy face and really quiet demeanor.
He was naturally friendly and inquisitive and she was able to touch and brush him all over by the second day. Initially Alex put a lot of time into Simba teaching him the basics of brushing, leading, picking up and cleaning hooves and then float loading.
As soon as all of this was established she decided to turn Simba out in a big hill paddock with Stitch – another stallion from the 2018 Muster. She did this specifically for Simbas mental health because after about 2 weeks in the yards and being handled he did start to shut down a little. Alex also wanted to let him “just enjoy life and relax for awhile” to gain some much-needed weight!
Simba has loved this time and he has been introduced to a few different horses and has outings along the road and across neighbours farms, always excited to meet new people while he’s out and about. At this time Simba is too young to be backed or rideable by the competition, but we are looking forward to competing in the in-hand classes : )
Hi I’m Alex,
I have had a love of horses since I was born and much to my parents horror I wasn’t “going through a phase”.
I grew up in Kakahi and Taumarunui and am now the proud owner of 8 of my own horses and based in Taranaki.
I absolutely love getting out with the horses in the bush, beach and steep hill country that we have here and have met some of my best friends through the connection we all have with horses. A group of us also get together and plan fundraiser rides for local charities when we can. Mostly we love the adventure and want to share that with as many people as possible.
I currently work as a youth worker and horse trainer and also love to combine these two passions by offering Equine Assisted Therapy in our local area as well as running camps and workshops for all ages in Taranaki.
My love of horses has seen me through many stages of owning different breeds of horses including going through a long phase of rehabilitating and rehoming thoroughbreds but no other horse has captured my heart as much as the Kaimanawa. I am very lucky to have had a beautiful gelding Artemis come into my life which inspired me to then adopt my first Kaimanawa in 2014 and then go on to become a handler for Kaimanawa Heritage Horses in the subsequent musters. I am looking forward to bringing my stallion Simba to Equidays to help advocate for the personality and trainability of Kaimanawa Horses : )
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