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The fifth of our 15 combinations that will be competing in the ULTRA-MOX STALLIONS AND PROFESSIONALS competition at Equidays is MIMI EINFELDT and PHANTOM.
Phantom is a 7 years old Stallion who stands at around 14hh.
From the moment he came of the truck he had a presence about him that was almost intimidating, so finding out that he was a lead stallion back in the ranges came to no surprise. He was very confident and aware of his surroundings and the other horses accepted him as the leader almost instantly.
Because of his permanently grumpy facial expression, Mimi found it quite hard to judge his intentions and emotions during the early stages of handling but they found a way to communicate and trust each other.
As strong and independent as he is, he also loves his humans, calling out as soon as he sees them, following them around in the paddock, after greeting them at the gate in the first place.
Since he got gelded (about 6 weeks ago) he has settled a lot and even though he got very protective of his hind end straight after the procedure he is now accepting to be touched all over again.
Phantom also had some preparation done for his first backing but is currently waiting for his chiropractor appointment to give him the best possible start under saddle. In the meantime he’s getting introduced to obstacles, goes for walks, learned to truck and enjoys the comfort of a dry stable (and being a Kai he also loves his food, of course).
Mimi is very excited to show him at Equidays and thinks he will excel in any chosen discipline in the future.
ABOUT MIMI (of Mimi’s Kaimanawas):
Coming from a non-horsey family no one knows where Mimi Einfeldt’s passion for horses came from but before she could even walk she got her mom to carry her up to any horse they came across.
Getting her first pony at the age of 10 was a dream come true (until she got on and got bucked off) but she persisted, developing a pretty good seat and over time turned him into a perfectly safe kids pony.
In 2017 she and her partner emigrated from Germany to New Zealand and since then they call Waitara in Taranaki their home. Being suddenly with no arena, stables, etc. it took some adjustment and was definitely a challenge but she loves to have huge paddocks for her horses to run around.
Mimi’s training methods are certainly not “one fits all” and she loves the challenge to find the best way for each individual horse.
While she has her own approach, she loves to learn from other horseman and woman around her as well as well known trainers.
Having dreamed of taming a wild stallion for most of her life, this became a reality when she took on her first stallion from the 2018 Muster.
Adopting Aragon started her passion for the Kaimanawas and since then she helped others with their Kaimanawa horses too. This year she also took peoples horses on, for the initial handling and loves how different they are all to work with. When Mimi isn’t busy with the Kaimanawas she is very passionate about helping owners with their horses (or horses with their owners) and takes on green horses for mileage, does float/truck training, initial handling, general groundwork and retraining horses with unwanted behavior.
The horse’s well-being has always the highest priority for her and everything takes as long as the horse needs.
While she feels honored to be invited to compete at the Challenge and sees it as a huge privilege she’s most thrilled that it gave her the chance to save 2 stallions.
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