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PO Box 133 Patumahoe 2344
The twelfth combination that will be competing in the ULTRA-MOX STALLIONS AND PROFESSIONALS competition at Equidays is TIM FEATHERSTONE and NATHAN.
Redcliffs Nathan is about 14.1 and 5yrs old. He came off the truck looking like a cross between a bush baby and an alligator! His expression was somewhat disgruntled. After a few weeks of lots of time and patience, he allowed me to remove the dreadlocks and biddybids from his forelock. His eyes and nostrils had relaxed by this time and we found Nathan was actually very good looking.
As far as progress goes he has had his hooves trimmed, learnt to lunge and is showing amazing form over jumps, and has already learnt a few tricks including laying down and is quite lovely at liberty. He’s still not a fan of cuddles. I trust that this will change in the near future as he has come a long way already and has made loads of significant changes.
Hi, I’m Tim from Redcliffs Equestrian, together with Kate we’ve run the center for 12 years. Many facets of equestrianism have been our focus, from starting youngsters, breeding, eventing, Pony Club, Show Jumping and have competed successfully in two Kaimanawa Stallion Events. We are looking forward to Equidays and the years to come seeing what these ponies become.
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