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Our aim is to support all kaimanawa horses both in the wild and once they have begun their journey as domestic horses.

We work closely with the Department of Conservation and the Kaimanawa Wild Horse Advisory Group on effective planning and implementation strategies for the management of the wild kaimanawa herd.

We guarantee the welfare of all kaimanawa horses in domestic life so we have a team of horses in our care at any given time.

KHH survives on the generous support of the public through donations and our ongoing sponsorship program to ensure our welfare horses get the best of everything.

Our growing list of corporate sponsorship also ensures we can develop a stronger awareness of kaimanawa horses in general by supporting our muster horses and helping with our Freedom to Friendship Stallion Challenge


2022 Stallion Challenge

Another exciting competition ahead with 13 stallions currently being trained with a view of competing in our Freedom to Friendship Stallion Challenge at Equifest in October.

About KHH

We are dedicated to the care and welfare of Kaimanawa Horses and work in a variety of areas to ensure the horses are well promoted, well supported and well protected.

Muster targets
A home for every horse

Our aim is to find as many homes for horses as possible in the lead up to the muster. Thanks to the generous support of the public many extra horses were saved in 2022 through public donations and sponsorships.

The percentage shows the number of horses saved due to public help.


Every year when the muster rolls around again we do everything possible to secure as many homes as we can for horses that need to be removed as part of the management plan for the wild herd.  The 2022 muster saw our registered handlers step up with offers to take some extra horses to help keep numbers up.

Thanks to the incredible support and generosity of the public we were able to save an extra 16 horses with full sponsorship and support 13 stallions on their journey as part of our Freedom to Friendship Stallion Challenges to be held later in the year at Equifest. Thank you to everyone that donated towards helping us achieve this goal.

Goal: $35,000 Raised: $65,000

Save a Kaimanawa Muster horse

We hoped to save ten extra horses and we smashed our targets thanks to the public support for the 2022 muster.


Goal: $100,000 Raised: $16,000

Help care for a kaimanawa in need

We can have around 25 horses in our care at any given time so donations and sponsorships help support this annual fundraising target.


Goal: $200,000  Raised: $6,000

Alternative Management options

Our goal is to see the introduction of contraception as a management tool for the wild herd in the future.

We rely on a dedicated group of amazing voluteers focused on achieving positive outcomes for Kaimanawa Horses
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Our generous Sponsors help keep our welfare horses well fed with the best care they could hope for while they get back on their feet
Donations help us save horses from the muster and helps the kaimanawa horses through our welfare work, events and training days.
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