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PO Box 133 Patumahoe 2344

Another challenge, and another fantastic line up! As usual, we had a group of high-calibre trainers who were once again able to delight spectators with demonstrations of how versatile and trainable these horses are. The weather wasn’t always kind but the Kaimanawas were, handling everything in their stride, proving that all combinations were true winners at the end of the day.

KHH would like to congratulate:
1st Tina Fagan and Bullwinkle
2nd Kate Hewlett and Kaimanawa Colt
3rd Vicki Wilson and Mascot KH
4th Alexa Dodson and Instigator KH
5th Rebecca Wylie and Wylie Kayote
6th Ellie O’Brien and Tama
Also Featuring


Hayley-Grace Riches and Roulette
Tanesha Thompson and Chester

Tim Featherstone and Majestic 12