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The Kaimanawa Horses

When many people think of Kaimanawa horses, the brain conjures up breathtaking images of bands of colourful, fairytale-like horses flitting across the tussock – here one minute and gone the next, never to be seen again. And whilst that is an accurate description, it can be rather a jump for some people to consolidate the picture of these majestic beings with their desire for a quiet, reliable horse or pony for themselves or their child.

Yet the true magic of the breed is that they are just that. The harsh and variable conditions on the Ranges mean that Kaimanawa horses must be extremely adaptable simply to survive. One might say that adaptability is literally bred into them. It is this adaptability that means that Kaimanawas are perfect for a range of disciplines and activities.

You will find Kaimanawas competing highly successfully in a variety of disciplines such as Show jumping, Eventing, Games, Driving and Endurance. Kaimanawas are highly intelligent, and once they know you can be relied upon, they are a loyal family member for life.

There are many reasons why there are so many people behind the Kaimanawa wild horses who all help in their own way towards ensuring they have a positive future in the wild and in domestic environments.  We are committed to ensuring positive outcomes for the Kaimanawa horses now and into the future.

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