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Corporate Sponsorship

The team at Kaimanawa Heritage Horses Welfare Society are very aware that our work depends on the assistance we receive from our membership, our horse sponsors, public donations and corporate sponsors.

Collective marketing strategies have seen our reach extend beyond people interested in Kaimanawa Horses to a worldwide audience who are praising the way wild horses are managed in NZ.

With future changes pending in the approach to kaimanawa horse management, we are expecting continued growth in our campaign to reach a wider audience when raising awareness for NZ’s Kaimanawa Heritage Horses.

We will work with our sponsors and do everything possible to share your support with our audience. Besides website & social media, we produce promotional materials including a high-quality magazine that goes to our members and live event promotions throughout the year.

For sponsorship opportunities with our 2022 Freedom to Friendship Stallion Challenges or for any other enquiries please email us.

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The team at Equibrew have been supplying our welfare horses & all horses removed via the muster process with their high performance probiotic feed supplements for many years.  They are welcome participants at all KHH events.


BAYER NZ  supply all horses removed via the muster process with their high performance worming products to ensure all horses are treated when removed from the ranges.


Elanco are major sponsors for our annual Freedom to Friendship Stallion Challenge competition and help ensure our competitors are well rewarded for their efforts in showcasing once were wild stallions.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim supply all horses removed via the muster process with the their high quality worm products which ensures all horses arrive in their new homes having been treated.

Treadlite NZ

The newest member of our sponsor team, Treadlite NZ are supporting us by way of sharing a portion of each sale of their premium equestrian surface made from recycled rubber. We are excited to partner with a company with such a strong focus on the environment

Our sponsors help ensure all kaimanawa horses have the best chance at life

~ Thanks for your ongoing and very appreciated support ~