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Muster Information

If you are interested in applying for a kaimanawa horse from the muster then we encourage you to prepare early and know the requirements for ownership. Please read through the information below and contact us if you have any questions.

The aerial headcount is usually held around mid-February which determines how many horses we will need to find homes for following the muster.

Members of the public are unable to attend the musters due to safety considerations for the horses and people in attendance.

2022 Muster

With the cancellation of the 2020 muster due to COVID, and only 60% of rehoming target being met in 2021,  we anticipate the 2022 muster will see around 160 horses needing homes in 2022. Given the pressure we experienced with the double muster of 2018 and needing to home such a large number of horses in one go, we know the next muster will not be easy.

We are encouraging people who have always wanted to own a kaimanawa horse from the muster but have not been able to due to various reasons, to start working toward their application early. If you need to prepare yards, create paddocks or build a loading ramp, by starting now you can save a whole lot of heartache closer to the muster because things just weren’t ready in time.

If you would like to have your property assessed for suitability or would appreciate a visit from your local rep to discuss what you would need to do to apply, then please contact us.

For those not confident to gentle a wild horse on their own we have a number of registered handlers that you can contact for help if you would still like to participate in the journey of owning a kaimanawa horse from the muster. 

Success Stories

Click HERE to check out some of the success stories shared by people who have received horses from previous musters. You can also join our groups on Facebook to see why people love their kaimanawa horses.
If you would like to see your story appear on our website, then please email us. We are happy to help you write something if you would like to share your story.