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PO Box 133 Patumahoe 2344

Jamie-Lee Meyrick & Tussock

I would like to tell you about my first kaimanawa, she was a filly foal from the 2012 muster, she was a big learning curve for me, I was used to working with thoroughbreds after working on a stud assisting with breeding and weaning and yearling prep. I thought I knew alot about horse behaviour and handling of horses until I got my first kaimanawa. Tussock was an older foal mustered in 2012. when she first arrived she looked tucked up and shabby with her pour on drench and winter coat. After letting her settle for a few days i began the handling process, and boy did i learn alot!! You cannot appreciate how much a domesticated horse knows until you start handling a wild one! I have learnt so much about body language and more importantly working at the speed the horse is happy to work with and accept its new life.

Tussock, after a few learning curves, was a great pony to learn off. I appreciate everything that I have learned and have since taken a more sympathetic approach to even my own purpose bred sport horses when it comes to handling and educating.

I broke Tussock in by myself as a 3yo and took her to dressage days, show jumping days and xc practice days, as well as some fun stuff like farm hacking too. She was just awesome and loved anything she was asked to do. A very accomplished little jumper and just as good in the dressage arena and placed 3rd in her second ever dressage test in a very big class. she was sensible and very level headed. She even pretty much taught herself to go in the float after I left the ramp down on the float! nothing was ever an issue with her!! she really sold me on the breed and their cool calm demeanour.

Tussock was sold to an older lady in Auckland who needed something nice and quiet to ride and care for. She is spoilt rotten in her home up there and i get updates on her adventures.

Since getting Tussock in 2012 I decided in 2018 to get a mature mare and stallion from that muster. Again both have been great horses and the mare foaled a few months after arriving. The mare Amber is now broken in and going kindly under saddle. Magnum the stallion is completely handled and ready to be broken in when i have more time.

I highly rate these horses.