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Leanne Hackett

Warhawk is a mature Zone 20 band stallion.  He was mustered in with a band of around 8.  

Originally we thought he had a much smaller band of just two mares and a foal.  However later on when looking through muster photos we discovered that he was just staying back protecting the foal who was very lame and struggling to keep up.

I didn’t notice Warhawk straight away when the ponies arrived in Kellys yards.  When I pulled him out of the hat as my Freedom to Friendship stallion, I had to be shown which pony he was.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little excited.  He was totally my type.  Beautiful dark bay with just enough bling.

He has been a lovely and kind stallion to work with.  On occasion he has reminded me he was a band stallion, and there was a reason he had been able to maintain one of such an impressive size.  But I have always felt safe with him.

Hawk is taking on every new and challenging question I ask of him with so much bravery and honesty.  He is now leading over obstacles.  I cant wait to see what the future holds for us.

Leanne Hackett
My very first Kaimananwa was a colt foal from the 2009 muster.  The following year I saved a young mare who foaled.  My intention was that I wanted to take one Kaimanawa every muster, train them and then find them their forever homes.  That plan went out the window when I realised just how much these ponies captured my heart and them not being a part of my family just didn’t compute.

In 2018 I had an opportunity to take on two mature Zone 20 mares who both foaled.  Nova was a more challenging mare and she really stretched my training knowledge to its maximum.  I knew I needed to find some support in order to get her to the next stage.  I wanted that help from someone who knew Kaimanawas best and that is when I met Kelly Wilson.

The things I learnt through Nova with Kelly really motivated me to restart my passion for working with Kaimanawas again and finding a way I could help save more lives each muster by becoming the best trainer I could possibly become.  This had to include submerging myself in learning.  Building on what I had already learnt, and sometimes completely unlearning and starting fresh.  The opportunity to be one of Kellys interns and work with Warhawk has been life changing.

For future musters, my goal is to prepare myself to be able to support others with training their Kaimanawas through mentoring and training.