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Kaimanawa Breed Standard
General Appearance and Impression

There is wide variation within the breed in general appearance and impression, however, they are well muscled, with heights generally falling between 12.2hh and 15hh. Some have been known to reach up to 16hh.


Hearing and sight are acute. Highly intelligent, quick adapters, hardy, robust and strong, reflecting their survival instincts in the wild. They are sound, sure-footed and tough and live on very little. They are of sound wind and limb with very highly developed sensory organs.

The Head

Medium to broad forehead with large expressive eyes, in good proportion to the size of the horse. There is a wide variation due to the bloodlines that have formed the breed.


Good sound teeth, but generally large and well-formed. Horses from the Range tend to show wear well beyond their age.


Well set and alert.


Short, deep neck with a thick throat area, not always in proportion to body.


The shoulder tends to be straight.


The forelegs should be perpendicular to the body. The forearms should be long and well muscled, the cannons shorter in comparison to the forearm. Hair quantity on legs is quite diverse.


The body is to have a deep girth with a well sprung rib cage. Well proportioned with short to medium rather than long body.


Hindquarters vary from sloping to well-rounded with the tail set neither excessively high or low, but smoothly rounding off rump.


The hooves should be strong walled and of good proportion, tending to be upright. The toes should face straight ahead, neither in or out. Hind hooves are generally smaller and slightly narrower than the front.


Tends to have a unique gait due to influence of shoulder.


Any colour or pattern marking is acceptable.


Good temperament is of the utmost importance. Should be curious, alert, intelligent and friendly.


1st of August is the qualifying foal date.