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Kaimanawas are great little companions and are making their mark across a wide variety of disciplines. Check out our page ‘Why Kaimanawas

Kaimanawas are just like other horses, and, like most prey animals, are not aggressive by nature. It is perfectly normal to be a little nervous when your new horse arrives – it’s a bit like a blind date! It pays to remember that your horse will be far more nervous than you – their whole world has changed! Kaimanawas build their lives around family and relationships – this is what they understand. You shape the experience your Kaimanawa has – if building a relationship with your wild horse is forefront in your mind, you will be less likely to place your new horse in a position where they are confused and feel confronted.

We have the perfect solution! We have great relationships with a lot of trainers around the country with experience with wild horses, and are happy to recommend them. The horses are sent directly to them from the muster, and they can get the basics done for you. It is a common misconception that you lose the ‘wild horse’ experience by not being the one to do the initial handling – there will still be PLENTY for you to do with your horse once they arrive at your place, and some great photo moments guaranteed! They will be very grateful for the one-on-one relationship building that you can provide after the drama of the muster, and will look to you as the central person in their lives as they begin their journey into the human world.

Fear not! Depending on your experience, we usually recommend that people new to wild horses adopt a younger horse. Kaimanawa Heritage Horses is there to support you for the duration of your journey together – no question is ever too small or silly. We are more than happy to offer advice, and it is highly unlikely that your situation is one we haven’t encountered before. Please don’t wait until you feel overwhelmed to ask for help – we were all first-timers too at one point and remember what it was like! KHH is passionate about bringing Kaimanawa owners together, and it our aim is for you and your  horse to have the opportunity to be part of a great little community!

Unfortunately, no. Whilst we do endeavour to select a horse that meets your requests, our selection depends primarily on the horses that are mustered in. If the horse we have selected for you is wildly different from your requirements, we will discuss it with you and check that you are happy to proceed. As many new owners will tell you – it is love at first sight, and the magic of the first glimpse of your new horse as he or she steps off the truck cannot be described!