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PO Box 133 Patumahoe 2344

Many owners register their Kaimanawa horse(s), which can be of benefit to both the owner and the horse.

With registration, there is a permanent record of your horse’s age, origin and physical description. Only registered horses can compete in Kaimanawa classes at A & P Shows and the Kaimanawa National Horse Show.

When you register your Kaimanawa horse with Kaimanawa Heritage Horses (KHH), you are helping to keep a record of the Kaimanawa horses that are in captivity. The register also records names of Kaimanawa horses that are bred in captivity.

First cross Kaimanawa horses can also be registered.

KHH has a brand and we can supply a branding iron if you wish to brand your horse. However, branding is NOT a compulsory requirement for registering.

Many new owners of Kaimanawa horses are disappointed when they buy an unregistered Kaimanawa horse and cannot find the previous owners to prove its origin. KHH is unable to register your horse if there is no proof that it is a Kaimanawa horse.

Please think of your horse’s future and register him while you have proof of his NZ heritage origins. It can take only a few changes of ownership for the proof to be lost if you have not registered.

There are now two ways you can register your horse:
1. Download the registration form, complete the form and send it in to us along with your photos, via mail or email
2. Download the Registration Identification Sheet, complete the form and upload it, along with your photos, via our Online Registration Page.



Registration Guidelines

All registered horses to have:

    1. Proof of Purchase, receipts or some sort of documentation with proof of origin.
    2. Four standard 4 x 6 (10 x 15cm) colour photos, suitable for identification purposes. These are to consist of:
      1. One clear photo of the left side (which will include all feet, ears and tail)
      2. One clear photo of the right side (which will include all feet, ears and tail)
      3. One rear view photo (which will include the top of the rump to the bottom of the hooves)
      4. One front view photo, clearly showing any facial markings (pull the forelock to one side if possible)

The horse is not to be obscured in any way, ie, part of the horse covered by bushes, railings or shadows, etc, or simply cut off.

These photos must be originals and not cut down, laser copied or photocopied onto a sheet.

Electronic photographs can be emailed with the application form to


Kaimanawa Heritage Horses has an official brand available for registered horses. The brand involves freeze branding on the near shoulder using a brand which we supply for a small fee to cover postage.

A Brand number is issued which is placed above the year of birth.

A Veterinarian is required to fill out the identification details.

It is NOT compulsory to brand your horse although we encourage it as a positive means of identification. Please indicate on the Application for Registration form if you wish to brand your horse. The Breed Registrar will make arrangements to send you the branding iron and branding details, brand number, etc.

Change of Ownership

Apply to the Breed Registrar for a Transfer Of Registration form; have this form completed in full by both the vendor and the purchaser and forward the form, together with the Certificate of Registration and fee of $10.00.

The Certificate will be amended to show the new owner of the horse and the Certificate will then be forwarded to the new owner.

Please ensure that the Certificate of Registration is passed on with the horse each time it changes hands. Remember – the horse cannot be officially transferred to a new owner without the signature of the current, registered owner of the horse.

Click here to download a Change of Ownership Form



Q. How do I prove to you that my horse is a Kaimanawa?

A. By one of the following

  1. By providing a receipt from the official DoC auctions or Kaimanawa Heritage Horse/Kaimanawa Wild Horse Welfare Trust Inc. auctions or the name, address and phone number of previous owner or selling agent for verification.
  2. By providing the horse’s official auction number.

Q. Do I have to brand my horse in order to register it?

A. No, but you may be required to produce the Certificate of Registration at shows to verify the horse’s registration and proof of origin.

Q. Can I register a part-bred Kaimanawa horse?

A. Yes. So long as the Kaimanawa sire or dam is currently registered or is being registered at the same time as progeny.

Q. Can I still show my horse if he is not registered?

A. Yes. But only at shows or in classes that are open to unregistered horses.