We often see and hear comments such as “I’ve always wanted to save a kaimanawa but I doubt myself and my abilities” and while we do understand these feelings, we want you to know that you’re never alone in your kaimanawa horse journey.

Not only do you have the support of KHH, but you would join a group of growing kaimanawa horse supporters that probably once doubted themselves too. Many of these owners are approachable and incredibly passionate about sharing the highs and the lows with potential new owners.

We invite you to browse through our collection of success stories so you can see for yourself just what can be achieved when you take a leap of faith in yourself and welcome a kaimanawa horse into your life.

Crystal Vercoe

I once owned the most beautiful pony who came from one of the first musters.She was the sweetest, most responsive and beautiful mares I’ve ever

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Helen & Telford

While not planning on getting another horse, I put my name down for a kaimanawa after reading they were short of homes leading up to

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Abby & Tosca

My Story with Tosca I kept seeing the signs all over social media- there weren’t enough homes for all of them. The musters had been

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