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PO Box 133 Patumahoe 2344

Jade Sutton

Panther is a 6 year old kaimanawa stallion from the 2021 muster. He is a dark bay with a white star in
the middle of his head and has 3 white socks. Panther has a really calm nature. He takes on everything
that you ask him to do in a relaxing manner. On the 28th of May he was gelded. Over the past few
weeks he has learnt to move his shoulders, back up, lead nicely and move out onto a circle trotting and
walking. You can also walk up and catch him in the paddock and stables. He has just recently learnt to
walk over and stand on a box. He can stand with only his front feet, only his back feet, and all 4 feet on
the box.
I have been around horses for most of my life. I got my first at 14. We mostly went for beach
rides and farm hacks with the local horse people around. I first started training wild horses in February
2021 with Chloe Phillips-Harris (wild horse project). I trained my first horse in February and that’s when I
decided to take on the challenge of taking a wild Kaimanawa.