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2021 ULTRAMOX Freedom to friendship Stallion Challenge

KHH are proud to present the 2021 Ultramox Freedom to Friendship Stallion Challenge and the amazing trainers, student trainers,and horses who have made this competition a very exciting one.

This competition has not been without it’s challenges and the tenacity and dedication shown by each of our competitors prove why they were selected to compete in our annual Stallion Challenge.  Our professional trainers, along with their mentor students, have raised the bar again this year and produced some incredible results with their once wild Kaimanawa stallions.

The postponement and eventual cancellation of Equifest meant our trainers had to step up yet again and submit their entries via video. They have done us proud with their achievements and for helping us showcase the amazing train-ability and versatility of the kaimanawa breed.


2021 Ultramox Freedom to Friendship

Stallion challenge champions

Congratulations to our Champion and Reserve Champion Stallion Challenge Winners

Congratulations to all competitors.
You’re all champions to us for your incredible results with your Kaimanawa Stallions.

Overall Placings:
3rd – Heidi Clotworthy & Apollo
4th – Kelly Wilson & Wind Drift
5th – Lisa Earley & Oki
6th – Morgan Chandler-Bruce & Long Shot
7th – Rachel Loeman & Tahi
8th – Rebekah Edhouse & Gunna
9th – Josiah Loeman & Woody
10th – Leanne Hackett & WarHawk
11th – Mimi Einfeldt & Cosmo
12th – Brooke Laurence & Kitt
13th – Sharon Klijn & Phoenix

Congratulations to our Champion and Reserve Champion Best Conditioned Kaimanawa Winners

The Kaimanawa Heritage Horses Welfare Society committee, together with the 2021 Stallion Challenge Organisation Team, we would like to say our sincere thanks to all of our competitors and winners for this years event. The incredible commitment, tenacity, compassion and team work you have all displayed has been incredible to watch and you have showcased Kaimanawa horses to the public in ways we couldn’t imagine at the start of this competition. You are all winners to us and the stallions are lucky to have had such a solid start at life. Thank you.

Thanks to our amazing team of judges for the hard work in finding our winners and the time you dedicated to helping us choose them. We appreciate your support.

This competition would not have been possible if it were not for the support of Ultramox through their sponsorship of this competition as well as to the amazing support of the NZ public. Donations made towards saving the stallions ensures we can continue to run this competition and give every mustered stallion a chance at life.

2021 Ultramox Freedom to Friendship Stallion Challenge – Freestyle Event

Congratulations to all of our competitors and their horses for the incredible lineup of Freestyle Videos. Open to trainer interpretation, these videos are a huge testament to the time, energy and commitment shown by everyone. You are all winners to us.

1st – Ellie Harrison & Mars
2nd – Heidi Clotworthy & Apollo
3rd Equal – Kelly Wilson & Conquistador
3rd Equal – Kelly Wilson & Wind Drift
5th – Lisa Earley & Oki

All competitor videos are available to view online by clicking on their profile pictures below.

The Ultramox Stallion Challenge Obstacle Class proved to be very difficult to judge with our judges making some very pleasing comments about the standard of training and results achieved by each competitor. We are incredibly proud of all of our trainers and their horses. Well done to all.

2021 Ultramox Freedom to Friendship
Stallion Challenge – Obstacle Class

1st equal – Ellie Harrison & Mars
1st equal – Kelly Wilson & Conquistador
1st equal – Morgan Chandler-Bruce & Long Shot
4th – Heidi Clotworthy & Apollo
5th – Kelly Wilson & Wind Drift

Handling & Conditioning Class Videos

1st – Kelly Wilson & Conquistador
2nd – Ellie Harrison & Mars
3rd – Heidi Clotworthy & Apollo
4th – Lisa Earley & Oki
5th – Morgan Chandler-Bruce & Long Shot

This competition would not have been possible if it were not for the incredible and ongoing support from Ultramox. We appreciate our members supporting the businesses that support us with our work with Kaimanawa Horses.

Ultramox is our choice of wormers for our welfare horses.

Our Competitors
Our judges

We would like to extend our appreciation to the team of judges who have taken on the task to help us find our winners.

Their expertise with horses, and their natural approaches, made each of them ideal candidates to judge this competition.

Russell Higgins
ben longwell
Murray Riches
Jody Hartstone
Dr.Keelin Macdonald

Waikato Equine Veterinary Centre Taupo

The stallions

2021 Freedom to Friendship competitors

Click on each competitors picture to see their story, photos, contact information and video entries to the competition.